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Firefighting VALAQ version. UAV Works media presentation

Very proud of presenting to media through a real flight demonstration the so called Ethon Project. This project boosted by Valencian Innovation Agency, through Valencian Polytechnic University and companies involved ETRA, PYRO and UAV Works, aerial platform provider (VALAQ).

Ethon project goal is to develop an firefighting information management system for an advance command post to take decisions based on real time thermal surface scanning and key indications data from special sensors dropped by our drone to draw a hot spot map where fire reignition could be most probable after is extinguished.

Thanks to VALAQ performances and VTOL capacity, good range and long flying time, our aircraft makes ideal for this mission. During today demonstration we could show all project capacities and potential.

We want to highly thank to the Innovation Valencian Agency, Politechnik Valencian University and the other companies involved ETRA and PYRO to have been able to participate with all during these last 8 months in a fantastic collaborative investigation work. We are very proud to give to society a real and efficient solution to fight against biggest environmental problems.

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