The best aircraft for the following missions:
Ir a Courier Service

Courier Service

Perfect for Courier Service Net covering rural or interinsular areas

Ir a Aerial Security & Surveillance

Aerial Security & Surveillance

UAS with the highest endurance, versatility and efficiency for surveillance and security purposes

Ir a Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping

Topography and surface mapping in 3D covering the highest area with the most accuracy and functionality, through photogrammetry techniques

Ir a RPA Official Training

RPA Official Training

We are an Approved Training Organisation for RPA and ULM aircraft authorised by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority. Customers will get full training on our RPAS

Investing in UAV Works - Our company is at the beginning of a promising growth. If you want to participate to be part of our story, just contact us to join us through the next open share offer in the next months.

The company

About us
State of the art engineering, human talent, and high experience, oriented toward efficiency

UAV Works borns from experience and talent. Continuous innovation, development and research on aerospace engineering, are the base and philosophy of this company to drive its projects. UAV Works leads its main project, a Convertible Aircraft Concept, unique in the world that allows VTOL performances and flying like an aeroplane. Its preliminary concept and design is based on simplicity, low operating costs, versatility and efficiency. With this aerial platform, UAV Works is able to offer the best aerial platform for Courier service, Mapping surface, and security and surveillance missions. Our UAS is a multi platform control based (local or web server), with a multi linking communication system such as point to point, 3G/4G network or satellite link. This facilitates swarm drone control from a unique control panel or center. Our Approved Training Organisation will give you the guarantee of the best aeronautical training based on OACI and EASA standards

  • More autonomy, less energy needed. Highest performance

  • Full functionality in different missions in all conditions.

  • From the preliminary design, manufacturing process, system implementations, to pilots training, UAV Works will cover all your needs.


Our talent

David Ortiz

General Management Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineer at the Valencian University. Specialist on RPA design and construction. Expert on aerodynamics and aircraft flying mechanics. RPA Test Pilot. ULM Pilot. GA AirSportMan

Salva Puig

Operations and Aeronautic Design
Aerospace Engineer at the Valencian University. RPA designer and constructor. Specific technical solutions searcher. Specialist on characterisation of propulsion power plants and onboard systems.

Yago M. Osset

Business Development. Air Training and Operations
Flying Instructor, GA aircraft experimental builder and test Pilot with more than 10.000 flying hours. GA AirSportsMan with 2 FAI Medals and 3 diplomas. BA Graduate with high business strategy experience.

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