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Amazing flight control demonstration of Valaq under extreme wind conditions

The following video shows the excellent flying control management made by the onboard computer in a total autonomous mode, in rough air conditions and wind gusts. Computer manages thrust, 3 axis control and nose attitude to get accurate vertical landing

We show two takes at different angles of the same flight. The first one will show you how the Valaq gets control over pitch and its attitude to counteracting wind force, maintaining so vertical landing. Meanwhile, dynamic gear landing continuously retracts and extends automatically to maintain 3 landing point leveled at the contact moment over winglets and landing gear.

During the second take, we show the same landing from another perspective showing anemometer real time indications affecting drone flying operation. The highest wind gust registered was 28 km/h (15kt). Accuracy landing spot in this conditions is within one square feet. During flying sessions this day, we got up to 40km/h (21kt) wind gusts during automated landings.

At this point we finished our development phase on marginal environment landings. Enjoy the landings!

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